I drove past true love,
in a dream.

like a house that caught fire
it burned and flamed.

and the magician disappeared
as quickly as he came
and with a sound like white magic caught in a black car's blazing trail.
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"All I ever wanted was the world."

"All I ever wanted was the world."

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Electra Heart
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Marina & the Diamonds


Wise lessons in love from Marina & the Diamonds in her new song Homewrecker. “Every boyfriend is the one until otherwise proven”, “the good are never easy, the easy never good”. She’s the proud Queen of the Lonely Hearts Club, referring to herselves as the homewrecker. But deep down all she wants is “love - the pure kind we all dream of”. Electra Heart is out on April 30 with the first single Primadonna set to hit the charts on April 16.

"I guess you could say my life’s a mess but I’m still looking pretty in this dress."

her lyric gets me every single time.

"I live my life in bitterness
and fill my heart with emptiness”

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Quinn: Some people are weird.
Daria: Some are weird, some are just astonishingly self-centered and deceitful.
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